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Drone Service!

Twin Palms Inspections now offers drone services!  

Our inspectors can now inspect all roof regardless of the height or pitch.  Many inspection companies seem to find any excuse to not walk the roof.  Therefore, the buyer is not getting a thorough inspection.  If our inspectors cannot walk the roof due to safety concerns, we can still provide a thorough roof inspection with our drone services!  We offer this at no additional cost to the buyer.

Floor Joist Problem

Floor joist problem. – In this crawlspace inspection, we found several floor joists not supported by the central beam. Recommend review by structural specialist.

floor joist problem

Unstable Support Column

Unstable Support Column – This unstable support column was found in a 100 year old home. This was noticed during a crawl space inspection. This could explain the sloping floors inside the home. A foundation evaluation is recommended and repair as necessary.

unstable support column

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