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Septic Tank Inspection

When should a septic system be inspected?

The septic system should be inspected once a year, including as soon as the house is put on the market for sale. This will enhance the home’s value and avoid any liability issues that might result from a malfunctioning system. It is in the interest of a prospective buyer to insist that the septic system be inspected before they purchase the home if it has not been done recently.

  • The Septic Tank will be pumped to remove accumulated sludge on the tank bottom and to check for cracks in the walls and floor of the tank.
  • The baffles will be examined to insure proper operation.
  • The drainfield will be inspected for proper operation.
  • Ensure that the system is large enough for the home that it serves.
  • Check for liquid waste that has made its way to the ground surface. This condition is unsanitary and indicates that the system is overloaded. 
  • Make sure that the tank is watertight so that wastewater does not contaminate groundwater, and groundwater does not flow into the tank and cause it to overfill.
  • If riser lids are present, they should be inspected for cracks and made sure they are secure.
  • Make sure that the baffles are firmly connected to the tank’s inlet and outlet pipes. Drain lines should each receive the same amount of wastewater. They can be examined by opening the distribution box. If the box becomes tipped or clogged, it will disproportionately allocate effluent, and potentially flood sections of the drainfield.

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